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Would you like to dance a kawaii dance like a Japanese idol? 

Just take a video of your dance with your smartphone and send it to me. You'll receive your very own lesson videos and you can practice anytime, anywhere, as often as you want.

No dedicated settings are required. This is a private lesson that you can start with just a smart phone.


You can take lessons from anywhere in the world.


A private lesson or a small group lesson with your friends. Lesson content customized just for you!


The instructor is a Japanese choreographer based in Japan. The video lessons are subtitled in English.

J-pop idol dance

You can learn Japanese idol dances such as Perfume, BABY MATAL, AKB48, Vocaloid, etc.

k-pop is also OK.



limited time offer!!  English Dance Lesson Launch Campaign

Free trial lesson

Regular price

$46.50 USD (5000 JPY)/per lesson

Pay at Paypal (credit card)

First time only/Short lesson

Benefits of online lesson


You don't have to schedule me, worry about the time difference, or take lessons at the same time every week. It fits your lifestyle.


You can learn the Japanese dance style from anywhere in the world, just by dancing in your own home!

Many times

Even if you are a slow learner, don't worry. You can save your lesson videos and watch them as many times as you like.


No need for a dedicated app. Just record the dance on your smart phone and send it me!


うぽる(本名)6歳でアフリカンダンスをはじめ、のちにストリートダンスに転向。TRFのSAM氏、ETSU氏、浜崎あゆみ、BOA、安室奈美恵などのバックダンサー陣に師事。 HIP HOP、JAZZをメインに、HOUSE、LA style、レゲエ、バレエ、コンテンポラリーなど、多岐に渡るジャンルを学び舞台経験を積む。13歳でTRFバックダンサー、AAAのバックダンサーを経験。 ​ 14歳より音楽活動を開始。DTMによる楽曲制作やライブ企画・出演、ラジオ番組レギュラーなどを経験し、楽曲提供やボーカリストとしても活動。  2013年から振付師としての稼働をスタート。ダンスと歌の経験を生かした「キレキレに踊れるのに声がぶれない振付」と、丁寧な指導には定評あり。


Born and working in Tokyo, Japan. She began to learn African dance at the age of six and later switched to street dance. Learned Hip hop Jazz dance, House, LA style, Reggae, Ballet and Contemporary. And she was a TRF back-up dancer and AAA back-up dancer at the age of 13.

She began working as a choreographer in 2013. She has earned a good reputation for her choreography and careful instruction based on her experience as a dancer and singer. And have been taking online lessons for over 3 years.

In 2017, she choreographed the official ANIME EXPO 2017 in Los Angels theme song "ME♡Dreaming by Japanese maid idol group "Meidreamin(めいどりーみん)".

Flow of Online Lesson

private online lesson flow 03.png


Q. I'm not sure if video lessons will really improve my dancing skills.
A.   "How do I make a lesson video that my students can easily understand?" "Is there a way to practice that will really improve?" I have accumulated the know-how of online lessons over the years. I
 offer online lessons that really work.

Q.  I want to take a lesson with my friends or members, how many people can take a lesson at a time?
A. One-on-one lessons are recommended, but it is also possible to take a group lesson together. If there are too many, I won't be able to check each person's movements, so I recommend a maximum of 5 students. Contact me and I'll suggest the best way and frequency of lessons for you.

Q. What kind of song can I learn? Can I take lessons on my original songs?

A.   Basically, I recommend you to take copy dance lessons of Japanese and Korean idols and artists' songs. For example, BABY METAL, PERFUME, Vocaloid music, etc. Choose a song you want to do and request it. I can teach your own songs, but only if you have already choreographed them.If you want me to create a new choreography for your song, the fee is for a choreography request, not a lesson. Please contact us for rates and details.

Q. How do I shoot my own dance?

 A. First, put your smartphone up on a stand. Keep your hands straight up and to the side, as long as they're in the camera from your fingertips to your feet. You can shoot directly in front, or if you have a mirror in your home, you can shoot the mirror from diagonally behind you.

Q. I've never danced before, is that okay?

A. I've even coached students who couldn't walk to a rhythm. Don't worry. I will gently support your dance debut!

Q. What is the cancellation policy?
A. There is no cancellation fee until the video is sent to me. Please do not cancel after the video is sent, as I will start preparing the lesson videos immediately after receiving them.

Q. I'd like to ask you to choreograph.
A. To request a choreography, please contact me using this email form. I will provide you with a quote.

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